Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Work Experience
Handsworth Secondary School Career Center is located in Room 216
 Check out the Career Center Website for course information, assignments, resources and work opportunities. http://hsscareercenter.weebly.com
Work Experience Facilitator
Catherine Pan
Phone: (604) 903-3600
Fax:  (604) 903-3601
E-mail:  cpan@sd44.ca

Work Experience Teachers/Career Advisors
Ms. Sheri Johnson
Ms. Therese O'Connor

Work Experience WEX12A or WEX12B (4 credits)

During Grade 11 and 12, students are placed with local employers in positions that align with their interest and future career goals.  The community becomes the classroom where students gain experience in the workplace and are provided with a frame of reference to review or revise their career goals.  Through employer assessment, students receive valuable feedback about their employability skills and technical skills related to specific occupations.

Work Experience is comprised of pre-placement classroom assignments, placement activities including successful completion of 100 hours (minimum) at a community worksite(s), and post-placement assignments.  Work Experience Teachers and the Work Experience Facilitator will work with students individually and in small groups to assist students with choosing and obtaining relevant and meaningful placements.

Work Experience 2017-2018

RCMP Youth Academy​Lower Mainland Public School District
2018 RCMP Youth Academy
“A Work Experience Partnership”
2018 Application & Information Package
2018 RCMP YA Application.pdf
The deadline for school Career Facilitator to submit student's application is Thursday, November 17, 2017
​Fire Fighter Academy
​May 6 & 7, 2017
Open to Grade 11 and 12 students interested in a "Two Day High School Cadet Fire Fighter Academy"
​Please see Catherine Pan, Work Experience Facilitator, room 109 ASAP.

​Vancouver Film School
Focus on:  FILM
​Vancouver Film School is a post-secondary entertainment arts school training students in 13 immersive, production oriented programs that deal with all aspects of film.  Come and find out more about the opportunities available for students.
​Wednesday, November 22nd @ Innovation Wednesday Time, Room 215

Any Questions:  please contact Mrs. Johnson in 215 or at sjohnson@sd44.ca
​LaSalle College
Focus on:  Media & Design
​Come listen to Hilary Quick from LaSalle College Vancouver and find out about the opportunities available in Design, Media (Film, Acting, Game Design, and Animation), Fashion and Culinary Arts.​Wednesday, November 15th @ Innovation Wednesday Time, Room 215

Any Questions:  please contact Mrs. Johnson in 215 or at sjohnson@sd44.ca