Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District

Grade 8 Retreat Forms:

2017 Grade 8 Retreat Student Awareness of Risk and Responsibility.pdf

2017 Gr 8 retreat cover letter.pdf

2017 HSS Grade 8 Retreat forms - Informed Consent.pdf

Gr 8 Retreat -Cheakamus_Centre_Student_Medical_Dietary_Form2017.pdf


Athletics Registration Forms

 DPA Form: DPA form HSS 2016-17.pdf      DPA Student Log Sheet1.pdf

School Map: Handsworth School Map @ Feb 04 2015.pdf

2016-2017 Timetable: 2016-17 Timetable with Innovation Wednesday.pdf

PE Department Policies:   PE Student Policies
Grade 8-11 PE Department Policies:   Grades 8-11 Policies
 Daily Physical Activity Forms (DPA)    DPA form HSS 2016-17.pdf

 Rugby Forms (Boys)

Rugby Season Fees and Personal Gear Order Form 2015.pdf

Dear Parents Letter 2015.pdf

Handsworth Rugby Signup Form 2015.pdf

Handsworth Informed Consent.pdf

Handsworth Student Athlete Code of Conduct 2010.ashx.pdf

Student Medical Form.pdf

Student Awareness of Risk and Responsibility.pdf

  Mountain Bike Forms: Handsworth Mountain Bike form.pdf

 Scholarship & Bursary Forms

Bursary Application Form 2016 2017.pdf

Semi-formal Forms:

Formal_Jan_27 -2015 -INFO SHEET.pdf

formal sign-up 2015 - Buffet.pdf

 Ski& Snowboard Team forms:

Handsworth Ski and Snowboard Team 16-17.pdf

IC ath - sec high r district wide.pdf

HSS - Ski Snowboard Team Medical Form.pdf

HSS - Ski Snowboard Team Risk Resp Form.pdf 

  Miscellaneous Forms:

 Hands Up June 2017:  Dance 9 and PE 10 Letter and Ticket Information Wed, June 7 2017.pdf   Grade 8 and 9 Hands Up Letter Tuesday, June 6, 2017.pdf   FIELD TRIP FORM Hands Up June 6 and 7 2017.pdf

Community Connections- Grad Transition 30hrs.pdfCommunity Connections- Grad Transiti​on 30hrs

Deposit Form.pdf

Extended_Absence[1]Fillable.pdfExtended Absence Form

FIELD TRIP FORM Hands Up Nov 29 2016.pdf

HSS remind poster.pdf

Informed Consent Multi Day Field Trip.pdf

Informed Consent Multi-day field trip.doc

Impromptu Walking Field Trip 2016 - 2017.pdf

Medical Newsletter Attachment.pdf

Outdoor School Counsellor Application.pdfOutdoor School Counsellor Application​

 Peak Performance Application.pdf     (2017/2018 Peak Performance Applications deadline is May 1, 2017)

Personal Information Consent - secondary.pdf

Poinsettia Notice and Order Details 2016.pdf

School Map.pdf

Service Award Form.pdfService Award Form  Service Hrs Award Information.pdf

Medical alert information form NVSD 3.pdfStudent Medical Information (submit only if your child has a life threatening illness)

Study Block Application 2016-17.pdf

Take Your Kid to Work Consent Form.pdf

  Take Our Kids to Work 2016 Take Our Kids to Work Day.pdf

 Volunteer Work Experience Form Graduation Transitions.pdf

September 2016 Start Up - Student Forms Required

Please print the following forms, complete, sign and have your student return them to the boxes outside the main office as soon as possible. All students are required to return these completed forms as they indicate your intention for the release of information and pictures of students for the yearbook, website etc.

Fees will be available for payment online effective October 1st. Instructions to register for online payment will follow at a later date.

Medical Forms.pdf    Notice Outside Media in Schools - secondary.pdf     Personal Information Consent - secondary.pdf     Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement.pdf            Student release form - secondary.pdf