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Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Sutherland Extracurricular Clubs
Sutherland S.L.C. (Student Council)​Mr. Lok, Mr. Hockley &                          
Ms. Matsubuchi

So many events and it’s all hands on deck to get the job done.

 Sutherland Social.pdf

Tues. @ Lunch -  B100
​Best Buddies
Mr. Taillefer
Best Buddies is a club focused on developing relationships with peers, with the goal of supporting each other to create a more inclusive school environment.
D100/101 mon-fri 
(club members choose one day per week to come and hang out at lunch)  
​Boys Club NetworkMr. Walter Mustapich

The Boys Club Network Club is a mentorship club designed for boys to explores what it means to be a 'good man' in today's society. 

The Boys Club Network Club.pdf 

Wed. after school  - D107
Cancer Awareness​Ms. Matsubuchi

All are welcome to help raise awareness of cancer prevention, and fundraise for the Canadian Cancer Society’s research.

Cancer Awareness.pdf

​Thurs. @ Lunch
Chess ClubMs Matsubuchi

 All experienced and brand-new players are   invited to join.

Chess Club.pdf

Thurs. @ lunch
​Coding ClubTBA

 A free and open place to learn and use computer programming languages.

Coding Club.pdf

​Tues. & Fri. @ lunch - C203
DiverCity ClubMs. Craver

All LGBTQ+ students and allies are welcome.

DiverCity Club.pdf 

​Mon. @ Lunch
Doodling Art Club​Ms. Dokhani

Like to mess around with a pencil? Fill your margins with flowers? Improve your artistic abilities? Come join the Art Club. Any artistic flair is welcome in this club. Learn to design posters for different school events, make postcards, create a professional art portfolio for post-secondary schools, create 2D/3D displays and work on self directed projects. It is open to all levels; no art classes required.

Doodling Club.pdf

Tues. @ Lunch​
B 101
​Drama ClubMs. Gruetzner

Responsible for mounting the school dramatic productions.2019/20 Legally Blonde.

Drama Club.pdf

Listen for Announcements
District Student Leadership Council

​Mr. Hockley

Students provide leadership, voice and student perspective on educational topics in North Vancouver. 

DSLC Intro & info 2019

Join DSLC Here

Committee Interest

​One Wed./per month. 3:45-5:15

Rotating School Locations.

​Dungeons & Dragons Club
Ms. Lieblich
Do you see yourself as a mage, an elf, a cleric or paladin?  Come and join the D & D club!  New members are always welcome
Tues. 3-5pm 

​Preparation for environmental science competition. Competition open to grades 9-12, but all are welcome to join activities/hikes. 
Thursday @ lunch, C305  
Environment Club
​Ms. Paquette/Ms. Nordby

Helps to REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE at Sutherland.

Enviroment Club.pdf

Weekly TBA
​Film and Photo Club​Ms. SmythLearn or polish skills in photo & film techniques, master software, produce works of art for school or personal satisfaction. Lots of hands-on experience.  B100
Games Club​Mr. Dickson

Do you like games?  Join this club and play!

Games Club.pdf

Mon. & Fri. Lunch
​Garden ClubMs. Panton
Get your hands dirty, eat some homegrown veggies and promote gardening in an inclusive, fun and creative way. We work in the garden, eat/cook, or plan our growing season. Thursday afternoon - In the garden or TBA 
​Girls' Group​Ms. Paquette

  Learn skills and strategies  to gain confidence out in the world. 

Girls Group.pdf

Every 2nd Wed. or
as Announced
Humanitarian Crisis Council (HCC)
Fri. @ Lunch

​Mathlete's ClubMs. JohnsSeek elegant solutions, solve math puzzles, check out math outside the curriculum, prepare for math contests & free the math wizard within.  Fri. @ lunch
​Me 2 We Club​Ms. GruetznerA group of activist students out to change the world, one small, thoughtful action at a time.  We work on to fundraise and promote our projects, and meet on Fridays.   

Fri. @ lunch  - C105

Tuesday Fundraisers

Sustainability ClubMr. Chaddock

We coordinate with our cafeteria to present meatless options, and run information session to increase everyone’s knowledge for healthier lifestyles. 

 Meatless Mondays .pdf

Mon. @ lunch
Model United NationsMr. Aw-YongA group of keen, savvy, politically curious students who participate in model United Nations conferences, honing debate, writing & research skills, & preparing to become the next generation of diplomats.  Fri. @ lunch
Mosaic Multicultural Club​Ms. Matsubuchi

Promoting multicultural awareness, inclusion & pride at Sutherland & in the community. 

Mosaic Club.pdf

Mtgs by

Events ususlly Thurs.
Reach for the Top​Ms. Bermudez & Ms. LindahlTeams of students train and compete in this advanced knowledge/trivia game with other schools and groups.  Great exercise for the brain!  Mon. & Thur. @ lunch D104 
​Scholarship & Bursary Club
​Ms. Turner & Mr. Nevison
All Grade 12 students are invited to meet and become informed about opportunities for awards/bursaries available to Sutherland Grads.  Includes assistance with writing post-secondary applications. ​3rd Thurs. of each month
​Soup for SocksMs. PaquetteMembers prepare, sell and serve a variety of delicious foods on Fridays at lunch as a fundraiser. Fri. @ Lunch
​Sun Run ClubMs. AlexisMeets twice a week from February to April to train Sutherland participants for the annual 10 km Vancouver Sun Run. Feb. - April 3-4pm
​Weight Training Club​Mr. WaltersBuild your strength and physical capacity in a supportive, safe setting, with coaching and advice.M, W & F @ lunch
Fitness Room
Work Experience & ApprenticeshipMr. NevisonWork is always the best experience, so go for the gold and find out what you are good at.  Get out into the community and put in some valuable, and valued, time. B204