Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Choices is an intervention currently in place in all six mainstream secondary schools in North Vancouver.  The purpose of Choices is to support students with social, emotional, and/or behavioural issues.  They are still a part of their school community, engaging in academic and social activities that fit their learning needs, while having the opportunity to connect to teachers, support workers, and counsellors who are able to adapt their program without having to exit them to an alternate program.  It is a place to facilitate connecting and belonging to the school community.  Choices is an intervention, with the ultimate goal of having students maintain their educational experience at their regular mainstream high school.  Students who are involved in Choices may simply be connected to a support worker on a regular basis, may come to the Choices classroom for support for part of a regularly scheduled class, or have a scheduled Choices block where the Choices teacher provides flexible and adapted curriculum.  The key component of Choices is the partnership with the regular classroom teachers, grade counsellors, District counsellors, parents, and community to collaborate, create and maintain a program of support for students.


Within the Choices Program at Sutherland, students have an opportunity to participate in a number of weekly programs.  The activities currently running include Breakfast Club, Yoga, Ice Hockey, Lunch Lounge, and a weekly student discussion group.  The Choices Program also organizes community out-trips and hikes.


Students are referred to Choices through the school based resource team.  If you would like more information about this intervention including referral criteria, please contact your student's grade counsellor.