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Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Staff Info


Name Title ​Email
​Mr. C. Hungle​Principal​
​Mr. G. Hockley
Vice Principal
​Ms. M. Downie​Vice Principal ​
​Ms. G. Paulson
Administrative Assistant
​Ms. K. Dhanji
Counsellor - Grade 8 & 9
​Ms. C. Kaufman
​Counsellor - International
​Ms. M. Gargiulo​Counsellor - Grade 10  and
​Mrs. M. Macario​Counsellor - Grade 11 & 12 ​
​Ms. M. Stoker​Family of Schools Leader​
Ms. Y. Nieken-Spence
Ms. Holly CastleWork Experience Facilitator​​
​Mr. M. Fortin​Athletic Director​


Teaching Staff

​Ms. T. Alexis​​
​Ms. S. Anderson
Mr. J. Aw-Yong​​​
​Mr.  H. Bauck
​Ms. J. Bermudez​​
​Mr. C. Bevis​​
Ms. C. Boyarski​​​Website
​Mr. J. Bruchesi​
​Mr. B. Chaddock​​
​Mr. W. Coupland​​
​Mr. D. Cox​​
​Ms. B. Craver​​
​Mr. S. Desbiens
​Mr. J. Dickson​​
​Ms. V. Dokhani​​
​Mr. M. Fortin​​
​Ms. D. Gritsaenko
​Ms. K. Gruetzner​​
​Mr. T. Hallam​​
​Mr. W. John​​Website
​Ms. H. Johns​​
​Mr. R. Kerluck
​Ms. J. Kinakin​​
​Ms. J. Kwong
​Ms. A. Lieblich​​​Website
​Ms. K. Lindahl​​Website
​Mr. V. Lok​​
​Ms. J. Manara​​Website​
​Ms. C. Marsh​​
​Ms. W. Matsubuchi​​
​Mr. C. Miller​​​Website
​Mr. T. Mitruk​​
​Mr. D. Moncado
​Mr. J. Nevison​​
​Ms. C. Panton​​
​Mr. K. Pye
​Ms. S. Ross​​
​Ms. A. Smyth​​
​Mr. M. Taillefer
​Ms. R.
​Ms. F. Tajassosy​​
​Ms. H. Turner​​
​Mr. C. Verney​ ​
​Mr. A. Walters​​
​Ms. R. Withers​​​Website
​Ms. M. Workman​​Website