Ridgeway Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student Teacher Family Conferences (STFs)

​​​​​Dear Ridgeway Families, 

Ridgeway participates in Student-Teacher-Family (STF) Conferences as part of our regular student reporting. The STF Conference model is one of many initiatives across the North Vancouver School District that reflect the recent changes in the Province of BC’s K-12 curriculum, assessment and reporting framework. 

For elementary schools in the Sutherland Family of Schools, reporting in the first-term Fall Reporting period will now include a 3-way conference between the student, teacher and family in early November, prior to distribution of the first report card in December. At the conference, both the student and teacher will share examples of learning, reflect on areas of strength and identify areas for further growth. Teachers will share their insights and observations of the student’s progress to date for the year, and discuss how best to support the student’s learning. 

Prior to the conference, students will prepare a reflection in class and will plan learning goals for the year. These learning goals will be discussed with parents/guardians during the conference, and together, students, parents/guardians, and teachers will come up with ways to achieve these goals. A summary of the discussion and the goals will be included in the first written learning update. 

Families are encouraged to participate! Sign up information will be sent each fall directly to families. See below for more information along with a parent planning page. 

Thank you for your partnership in student success!


Sutherland FOS STF Conferences Family Night Hand Out.pdf

STF Conferences Parent Pre-Conference Reflection 2022.pdf

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