Ridgeway Elementary
North Vancouver School District

​​​May 4th, 2023 

Dear Ridgeway Families,  


We are excited to implement the STEM kits that have been generously funded by Ridgeway’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Last year, Ridgeway’s PAC applied for a grant, and we have been working with PAC to implement STEM kits for the classrooms and a matching lending library so children can borrow a kit home.  


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and is an approach to education that focuses on science, develops critical thinking skills, engages students in problem solving, and fosters self-reflection. These skills are integral to our curriculum as well as skills for the future.


Currently, kits will be explored in classrooms. Following the May long weekend, your child will have the opportunity to borrow these kits at home during the school week and explore STEM at home. The home lending component will look different at each grade level and more information will be shared with families.  


When home lending does start, it is important we treat these kits gently and that students who borrow these kits accept responsibility for their care. While PAC generously supported this project, items that are damaged or lost may not be replaced. Please encourage your child to use these with care and return to school as a set (contents list provided).  


In the kits, you will find a book to inspire and the STEM activity for your child to explore. We have also included a design cycle to guide your child through the creation process. This design cycle is common in our Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum. These kits are intended to promote fun and dialogue. We encourage you to have a conversation with your child about these kits. This is an opportunity for children to think critically and be self-reflective.  


Thank you, 

Jillian Gordon, Principal 

Kendra Arkinstall, Vice Principal  

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