Ridgeway Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Ridgeway's Rainbow

​Ridgeway’s Rainbow 


At Ridgeway, we strive to recognize and celebrate diversity throughout the entire school year.  From reading literature that portrays characters who offer positive reflections of diversity, to celebrating Pink Shirt Day in February and Pride month in June, Ridgeway consistently embraces the message that everyone belongs.  In 2018, our SOGI committee dared to dream of creating Ridgeway’s very own rainbow, a colourful symbol of inclusivity and diversity. In June 2020, our vision became a reality and we were pleased to unveil our new rainbow.  


This dream was quickly and fully supported by our students, staff, and parent community.  The Student Leadership team at the time (made up of grade six and seven students) took the fundraising challenge head-on, and embarked on creating rainbow-themed magnets and pins to sell to students and the broader community.  When those instantly sold out, they designed more pins and sold those!  Parents of our school community have been incredibly supportive in our fundraising efforts, even raising funds through an amazing haunted house event in October.  We were lucky, too, in that the United Way contributed money to our cause in the form of a grant. 


Ridgeway’s rainbow has great meaning to the school.  It is a very visible symbol of inclusion and acceptance and its position at the top of the stairs - leading towards the front doors of the school - clearly underscores our philosophy that all are welcome here.  We particularly like the fanning out at the edges of the rainbow, further symbolizing an inclusion of the broader community.   


The message, we hope, is clear: that Ridgeway endeavors not only to shine a light on diversity, but to celebrate it in all its forms.  We hope it will stand as a permanent symbol of recognition; that ALL who enter our school – students, staff, and parents alike – can feel a sense of belonging and a sense of pride.