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North Vancouver Online Learning
North Vancouver School District

​​Meet the Students of NVOL:

Youth and Adults:

  • students in grades 8-12 attending mainstream secondary schools and also taking one or more courses online
  • recent high school graduates who are upgrading or need an additional course for a post-secondary institution/trades program
  • youth and adults who have never graduated and need to complete courses leading to the 2018 Graduation Diploma or the Adult Dogwood Diploma
  • graduated adults and recent adult immigrants who require courses for employment or to enter a post-secondary/trades program

A Diverse Population of Learners:

  • high achievers who want to get ahead and take additional credit courses
  • elite athletes and  peak performers who train during the day and need more flexible course delivery options
  • students with a variety of learning needs including students with IEPs who may require more time and flexibility or students with physical or social/emotional barriers who find attending a mainstream school challenging
  • students who may be travelling for a portion of their school year
  • French Immersion/French students wanting to take additional face-to-face electives in a mainstream secondary school
  • students who learn best in a self-paced environment 
  • students who are comfortable with, and passionate about, technology
  • students needing a flexible, personalized pathway to graduation

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