North Vancouver Online Learning
North Vancouver School District

​​​​​​​​​​​North Vancouver Online Learning Registration Policy

Students who are currently registered in any secondary school in the province of BC, including the North Vancouver School District, must have the support of their parent/guardian to enrol in Online Learning.  Students must also inform the counsellor at their school of record about the intention to enrol with NVOL.  

Parents of students who are not attending a North Vancouver School District school must provide identification (e.g. birth certificate, and passport) for both the student and themselves, and proof of residency (e.g. phone bill, driver's license).

Please note: Graduated Adult students who have graduated from a BC High School or from any other jurisdiction in the world may need to pay a non-refundable course fee of $550 at the time of registration, based on the course they are selecting. Please contact our Academic Advisor for information on courses that are fee paying. International students must pay a non-refundable course fee of $1000 at the time of registration. Some in-district North Vancouver International students may qualify for a fee waiver if the course is a graduation requirement and can not be accommodated​ in a regular face-to-face schedule at a mainstream secondary school. Please see your counsellor. Permission for the fee waiver must be approved by the International Program Administrator and the NVOL Principal.

Completion Policy

Students are expected to complete their NVOL course in a timely manner and will have a maximum of one year from the date of registration to complete.  To receive a mark on the final June report card and/or transcript, students must aim to complete their course by June 1.  Students who do not complete their NVOL course by June 1 are encouraged to complete during the following school year.

Withdrawal Policy

Students are expected to make continuous progress in their online courses. Students who are inactive in their NVOL course for three reporting periods will be withdrawn.  Students who wish to "drop" a course must formally withdraw by completing and submitting  a withdrawal form below.

Student or parent initiated withdrawal form.pdf

Course Engagement Policy

It is expected that students will actively engage in all aspects of their online course. Please see our "Course Engagement Policy".

Course Engagement Policy.pdf

Student Code of Conduct & Academic Integrity

Students are responsible for practicing internet safety, ensuring all work submitted is their own, and properly citing all information sources used in the creation of their work for NVOL.  For details about this policy and the consequences of violating the regulations therein, see Code of Conduct below.

Code of Conduct.pdf

Test and Exam Invigilation Policy

Tests and exams requiring invigilation may be written at our NVOL Centre located at Mountainside Secondary School or online with the NVOL teacher.