École Larson Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Events and Activities
Students celebrate graduation with the DARE Program, where our local Police Officers led a 10 class program for Gr. 5 students, teaching them how to make good choices, resist peer pressure and live productive, drug and violence free lives. 
Christmas Ornaments
The Grade 4 Students took part in decorating ornaments for the Christmas Trees.
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Smog Be Gone Presentation at North Vancouver City Hall.
Larson students attended  the Smog B Gone Committee's presentation at the North Van City Hall. The students had a really great time and LOVED meeting the mayor. There was a council member present, city staff members and higher ranking members of the North Van City Fire Department.  It was a pretty full house. The students asked many questions including why the had no arms or legs in the film, the time it took to make the movies, what they themselves do to be active in the community and how they think they could help more families be active.
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Terry Fox Run 2016
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Congratulations Larson!  Our donation to the Terry Fox Foundation totalled $931.15 this year.  Thank you!
Track and Field - Congratulations to all our track and Field students for a great season!
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Fun Day at Larson
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Bike to School Week was a big success!
3 Point Basketball
Some of the students participated in an after school program for Basketball, Gr. K - 3, and it was lots of fun! 
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 Larsonpalooza!  A Great time was had by all!
Earth Day Video from Students in Mr. Nipp's class
At Larson Elementary School, the Smog B Gone group (grade 5 students who are working to reduce the car exhaust around their school) created a video to imform their parents that driving their children to and from school, and even sitting with the car idling while they wait for the bell to ring, has negative impacts on the environment. Check out their video: 
Larson Dance-a-Thon raised $4,669.60 fo Technology and Fine Arts Programs.  Thank you!!!!!
Earth Rangers visit Larson
Thanks to Nicole Delmotte for nominating Larson and to HSBC for sponsoring us to receive an Earth Rangers Assembly. It was an incredibly engaging and informative assembly! Earth Rangers is a Canadian kids' conservation organization, dedicated to educating children and families about biodiversity and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats. For more information about Earth Rangers check out their website: http://www.earthrangers.com/
Volunteer Tea
 Thank you to all our wonderful Parent helpers at Larson
 Reading Link Challenge
32 students participated in the Reading Link Challenge theis year. They had to read 6 books in 10 weeks. Then, working in teams, each student 'specialized' in one book and we had an in school competition. Two teams moved on to the District Challenge at the City Library on April 12. One of Larson's teams has won the District Challenge and will be moving on to Regionals on May 4th in Port Moody. We will be competeing against teams from Surrey, Port Moody, Coquitlam and Ridgeway Elementary from North Van. Congratulations to all our dedicated readers.
Art and Music in the Classroom
Students are enjoying learning many different mediums.
 DSC04628.jpgLarson's Knitting Club! Meets every Thursday at lunchtime in the Library.
Come and join in the fun!
Pink Shirt Day Larson
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PALS Movie Night
Movie Night 2016_03.JPG             Movie Night 2016_04.JPG
Christmas Decorating
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Winter Term Yoga

Grades 3-7  Four Tuesday classes January 12, 19, 26 and February 2, 2016.

Maximum enrollment 20 children in Band Portable.


Grades K-2  Four Monday classes February 1, 15, 22 and March 7, 2016

Maximum enrollment 30 children in Gym.

Cost $25.00 including tax

10% of proceeds goes to PALS

Larson Halloween Parade
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Larson Thanksgiving Lunch October 9th, 2015
2015 Harvest Lunch 3.JPG2015 Harvest Lunch_09.JPG  2015 Harvest Lunch_06.JPG
Pizza Slice Welcome Back Night
Face Painting! Cake Walk! Pizza! 
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Terry Fox Run
 The Terry Fox Run was held on Friday, September 25 th. Larson School raised over $800.00 to be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. Well done Larson!!  We raised $875.80 this year.  Well done Larson!
Bike Rodeo
A Big thankyou  goes out to Renate Switch from the City of NVan, Carol Sartor of HASTe BC, Tom Walker from NShore Safety Council, NV RCMP
Constable Chris Jensen, Save On Foods, Kind Snacks, and Parachute Canada, for supporting our cause.
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Biker's Breakfast
The early morning event was a great success - the front courtyard was filled with bikes! Students are biking to school all week.
 Biker's Breakfast_01.JPG         Biker's Breakfast_01.JPG
Fun Day
A great time was had by all!
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Toy  and  Book Drive
Thank you to our PALS and all the contributors and participants.   The shopping was fantastic!
Toy Sale 2015_06.JPG                          Toy Sale 2015_05.JPG
Student Crossing Guards
 All in a morning's work!
Crossing Guards.JPG 
Larson Dance-a Thon    
Larson Dance -a-Thon was a big success.
Thank you!

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Kindergarten Firefighter Visit

On Thursday, February 12th the Firefighters came to visit the kindergarten classes. They brought many interesting things to teach us all about fire safety. We learned that lighters and matches are tools not toys and if we found any we should tell an adult right away. 

We reviewed the, "Stop, Drop and Roll" procedure while one of the firefighters demonstrated the correct way to act if we were ever to catch on fire. We learned to call 9-1-1 if we need help from police officers, firefighters or paramedics. We also learned that if we were burnt that we should run our burn under cold water for a long time to help the pain go away.

At the end of the presentation, every student got homework:                      IMG_1331.jpg

1. Test the smoke detectors.
2. Practice a fire drill with your family.                        
3. Plan a meeting spot in case of a fire.

Thank you for teaching us about fire safety!

Valentines for Vets
Larson students join the annual Valentines for Vets Campaign.These Valentines cards will be sent to Veterans living in long-term care facilities across Canada. We remember and appreciate the sacrifice made by our military and want them to know we care. Thank you from Division E02.
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First Aid Training for Grade 6 students
Thank you to PALS for supporting First Aid Education for our Grade 6 students. Mme Pederson's and Ms Murrays' Grade 6 classes particiapted in a full day of training with a certified Red Cross instuctor in January, 2015. Here is what some of the students had to say about this opportunity:

"My favourite part of the First Aid course was doing the simulation of what to do when someone is badly bleeding."

"I have learned to look for dangers in my home. Something I have already changed is to never leave medicine near my younger brother."

"Since the course, I have already made an emergency call list."

"When I need to find help, I can talk to my parents, my teachers and call 9-1-1. Also I can talk to an adult I trust."

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do this course because I learned lots for when I babysit and am home alone." 

   First Aid 3.jpg           First Aid 4.jpg                                                 First Aid 2.jpg                                         

Richochet Project Grade 6 Students
Mrs. Murray and Mme Pederson's grade 6 classes were honoured to be given the opportunity to participate in The Richochet Project in January.  Our Grade 6 students participated in a series of workshops facilitated by professional theatre artists who worked with our students to explore through drama the themes of fairness and an individual's place in our world.  We are grateful to Presentation House Theatre and the BC Arts Council Youth Engagement Grant for bringing this project to our school.  Our grade six students had a great time and learned many new skills!
The Ricochet Project is facilitated by Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver who was chosen, along with five other theatre companies from Italy, Portugal, Australia, England and Quebec, to collaborate in the creation of a co-production for children and youth aged 11 to 15.  Presentation House Theatre will collaborate with Italy to create a final professional theatre production for their 2015-2016 season.  Some of the stories gathered in the workshops may be used as source material for the professional production.  It is called the Ricochet project because participants will throw something of themselves out to the world, watch it be explored by professional artists, and then see it come back to them ( in the form of the final professional production). 
      Ricochet 1.jpg                                                                                                 Ricochet 2.jpg

 Ricochet 3.jpg         Ricochet 4.jpg     Ricochet 5.jpg

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