École Larson Elementary
North Vancouver School District

​​​Among the significant roles of a school board is the development of clear policies to guide the operation of the School District. The Superintendent of Schools, to whom the School Board assigns responsibility for the implementation of its policies, develops administrative regulations. In the North Vancouver School District, administrative regulations are written to accompany policies.

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With respect to the privacy of everyone at Larson, students and parents must have permission from the Office before taking pictures of other students and staff with their cell phones/cameras at school.

Posting of any photos or videos of students and staff, to the Internet, must have permission from the school office.

Outside Media in Schools and at School District events, Journalistic media (including radio, television, newspapers, and other print and online media) are sometimes permitted or invited to come to the school or to school activities and allowed to take photos or video or conduct interviews with students, for the purposes of promoting public understanding of school programs, building public support for public education, and encouraging student achievement.

If you do not want your child to be involved in such activities, you need to:

• Tell your child to avoid these situations,

• Tell your child's teachers of your wishes,

• Acknowledge the receipt of this form below, then ask your school office for an Outside Media - Request for Exclusion form to ask the school and school district to take reasonable steps to avoid this type of publication of your child's name, image, or personal information by outside news media.

Please note: school and district staff cannot control news media access, photos/videos taken by the media or others in public locations (such as field trips or off school grounds) or school events open to the public, such as sports events, student performances, school board meetings, etc.

Personal Information Consent

The Board of Education of the North Vancouver School District No. 44, is seeking your consent to collect, keep, use and share photographs, videos,

images, and/or names of students in a variety of publications and on the school or School District's website(s) for education related purposes, such as

recognizing and encouraging student achievement, building the school community, and informing others about school and School District programs

and activities. For example, student names and/or images may be used or shared in:

  • School and School District communications, such as school yearbook, class photos, school panorama photos, newsletters, calendars, brochures,

advertising and reports in limited or public circulation;

  • School and School District websites, social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), online video (e.g. Vimeo), and news media, with limited or public


  • Videos, CDs, and DVDs designed for educational use only.