École Larson Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Programs & Services
School Programs 


BC Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program
Salmon Enhancement Program
Roots of Empathy Program
Bullying Prevention Program
Skw'une-was Program
Mindful Kids
Outdoor School Program for Grade 6
First Aid Training Program for Grade 6
Safe Teen Program for Grade 7



Positive School Spirit Events
Student of the Week recognition and celebration
Student-led assemblies and celebrations
Spirit Days:
Halloween Costume Parade  31st October 2014
Look-a-like Day  26th November 2014
Red &Green Day 19th December 2014
PJ Day 28th January 2015
Anti Bullying Day 25th February 2015
Green Day 22nd April 2015
Mystery Day 28th May 2015
Crazy Hair/Hat Day 19th June 2015


Community Events 
Terry Fox Run
Poppy Fund - Remembrance Day
Pink Shirt Day
Orange Shirt Day
Harvest Project
Cash for Clothes


Student Leadership Opportunities
Lunch Monitors
Students in Grades 4 to 7 assist the younger students during lunch time in the primary classrooms.  These student leaders (in groups of 3-4) will eat their lunches with the younger students, reminding and modelling for them the appropriate lunch time behaviour.  These students will also assist during our monthly PALS' Hot Lunch Program to deliver the lunches to the students. 
School Safety Patrol
All students in Grade 5 are trained each year to take on the role and responsibility of being a safety patroller.  Once training is completed, students can choose to volunteer for either the morning and/or after school session during the school year.  Our safety patrollers (Grades 5, 6 & 7) play a very important and much appreciated role in assisting the students to be safe when crossing the crosswalk.
Morning Music Announcers 
As part of our school-wide music appreciation program, students in the intermediate grades take on the responsibility of introducing and playing the music selections each morning.  These student leaders also make PA announcements at recess time. 
Peer Leaders