École Larson Elementary
North Vancouver School District
PALS MunchaLunch / Student Directory

​​PALS and Class Rep Communication 

Please complete as soon as possible PALS uses the website Munchalunch to manage parent contact information and to communicate through PALS and your Class Rep.

In order to stay well informed, please update your Munchalunch account, including your child’s Grade and Division. This is necessary even if your contact information hasn’t changed from last year. Your email address will NOT be published, but will be used only to dispatch information through PALS and your Class Rep.

Steps to update and/or register:

1. Go to Munchalunch, https://munchalunch.com/schools/larson/.

2. Login if you have an existing account or click on Register to open an account.

3. Once you are in the system go to "My Family" in the drop-down menu bar and click on "My Directory Info" and click on ‘Directory’ (orange button).

4. Choose to Opt In to receive messages from your PALS and Class Rep.

5. Choose if you wish to participate in the School Directory (only enter information that you wish to have published).

6. If you are new to Larson, please check the box.