Capilano Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student Learning Supports

Library Resource Centre

Literacy Learning is an important aspect of all learning. Capilano's library has a wealth of resources for students and teachers to access. We also have a "parent library" that holds books on parenting and learning for loan. Our librarian is happy to help members of our school community find the resources they need.

Please link to the library website for more information - click HERE to access.

You can also search the Capilano and other NVSD libraries through our On-Line Library Catalogue​.

Band Program

Capilano offers Band for students in Grades 5 - 7 and Band is taught by Mr. Alexei Solomakha. Beginner Band classes are on Wednesdays at 10:50 am and Fridays at 1:30 pm.  Continuing Band classes are on Wednesdays at 11:30 am and Fridays at 1:00 pm.

English Language Learning (ELL)

Students whose native or first language is not English are supported by our ELL teachers. The level of support provided depends on need and language proficiency and assistance is provided through small-group instruction or in-class support.

Learning Support Teachers (LST)

Some students also receive support from our Learning Support Teachers (LST).  Like with English Language Learning, the level of support provided depends on the needs of the students.  This support can take the form of individual or small group instruction both in and out of the classroom, as well for the whole class, while LSTs work alongside the classroom teachers in their classrooms.  They work with teachers and the Education Assistants (EAs) to develop and monitor the implementation of Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs). The Learning Support Teacher works closely with the classroom teachers, parents, and the students while also acting as a liaison between other school district programs and support services and family and children's services offered by the North Vancouver District.


The school counsellor works with students, parents, and teachers to support children with social, emotional and/or learning needs.  The goal is for students to have positive school experiences, develop positive peer relationships, and experience personal empowerment for positive change. The counsellor also works as a liaison between other school district programs and support services.

Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) works with children experiencing a wide range of communication issues, including articulation and oral language difficulties.  Services include assessment, monitoring, and intervention. Services range from working with the classroom teachers to support implementation of programs, consultation with parents and Education Assistants, and working directly with students in individual and small group settings.

Learning Support Worker (LSW)

Learning Support Workers (LSW) are teaching assistants who have specialized training and experience to provide intensive remedial support to students with severe reading difficulties.  LSWs provide  specific interventions using Phono Graphix, Read Well and/or Orton Gillingham based strategies. 

School Psychologist

Our school psychologist provides learning assessment services to several schools. The psychologist's main role is too assess students who have been identified as having significant learning challenges and to provide information to families and school staff about these assessments, making recommendations and providing suggestions on how to further support students. 

Education Assistants (EAs)

EAs work under the direction of the classroom teacher and the Learning Support Teacher to provide learning support for students.  The students who receive support from an EA usually have an IEP/identified learning challenges.  An EA works collaboratively with the classroom teacher to implement a student's IEP, and when working in the classroom may also provide support for other students in the class, based on teacher requests.