Capilano Elementary
North Vancouver School District

​What is homework learning and how long should it take?

We encourage all students to engage in daily home learning.  Home learning tasks can be assigned by classroom teachers and/or initated by students and parents.  

On average, students will typically have about 10 minutes of homework per grade per weeknight (e.g. Grade 4 = approximately 40 minutes of homework per night, Monday-Friday).  It is hoped that the student initiates this "home learning" time and the parent encourages it.  Home learning may be in the form of inquiry (connected to the the class unit of inquiry, or personal), assignment completion, review, extra practice, pleasure reading, informal writing, etc.​  If your child is routinely spending an inordinate amount of time on homework, please meet with your child's classroom teacher to discuss.

Home learning that is teacher-assigned is intended to provide time for:
  • Additional practice of basic skills
  • Working on extended projects and reports
  • Engaging in inquiry related to what is being learned at school
  • Catching up if a youngster has been absent
  • Reviewing material in preparation for a test
  • Completing assignments that have not been completed in class time

Home Learning Tips for parents:

  • Make home learning time a daily routine - a consistent, scheduled part of your child's day
  • Establish a home learning location that is used consistently - one that is well-lit and ventilated, and away from distractions (such as TV or play areas) with a desk/table and chair, and stocked with necessary learning tools (pencils, erasers, ruler, dictionary, calculator)
  • Be supportive, encouraging, and interested—help to clarify but stop short of doing the work yourself
  • Encourage inquiry (questioning and helping your child "talk through" their thinking)
  • Encourage your child to seek the teacher's help if really "stuck" 
  • If your child has difficulty with home learning assignments, please promptly and respectfully communicate this to your child’s teacher