Capilano Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Home-School Learning Connections
At Capilano, we appreciate the support of our parent community as partners in our students' education.  We strive to help all children achieve to the best of their abilities and know this is not possible without parents' help at home.  Some suggested ways to help your children continue learning at home are:

  • Encourage daily enjoyment of literature.  Surround your child with books - of a variety of types and genres.  Have a daily time set aside where the family takes time to read together.  Engage in real conversations about what you are reading with your child.  What makes the book interesting? What does the author do to engage us as readers?  Encourage them to ask questions as they read, identify powerful wording, "read the pictures", use text features to learn about the reading, retell from a different perspective, or simply discuss what they liked/didn't like about the reading.
  • Support your children's curiosity by engaging them in inquiry.  Model and encourage curiosity and asking of questions. Follow up on curiosities by conducting research, doing experiments, investigating and discovering.  Please make use of the learning activities provided by classroom teachers to support​ learning your child does in connection to each of the six units of inquiry. 
  • Assist in building proficiency in Math.  Work on basic numeracy skills and learning the language of Math in daily real-life scenarios, for example, counting change returned when making purchases, estimating lengths, shapes, volume in play that involves constructing or making explicit the "math" of quantities when cooking.  Fun can be had by playing Math games with your children with cards or on the computer.
  • Support your child's understanding of our school Code of Conduct, school routines, and development as an IB learner by making use of the reference pages in the front of your child's agenda book.
  • More information on how to support your child with the IB Program at Capilano

Please refer to the links on the left for further information regarding homework, home reading, and math support.