Capilano Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Code of Conduct

In accordance with School District #44 Policy #302, students at Capilano Elementary School are expected to meet the standards set out in the BC Human Rights Code that include the prohibited grounds of discrimination.  Students and adults at Capilano are expected to follow the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct: Capilano R.O.C.K.S.

R    Respectful - to oneself, other people and other things
O    Open-Minded - to views, values and traditions of others 
C    Cooperative - working collaboratively with others
K    Kind - demonstrating empathy, respect and consideration
S    Safe - keeping oneself and others injury free 

When students fail to adhere to the Code of Conduct, disciplinary action will be preventative and restorative rather than merely punitive. The goal of restorative action is reconciliation and reparation.  Students failing to adhere to the Code of Conduct are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their behaviour and restore damaged relationships, correct the injustice, or restore material damages. A "Capilano R.O.C.K.S. Reflection" report is used for student reflection as part of the restorative process.

Capilano's Code of Conduct - click HERE​​ for complete document

Code of Conduct - Power Point presentation for students​

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