École Boundary Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Student Handbook
​​École Bo​​​undary Elementary School

2019-2020​ Handbook of Student Expectations

Caring for Ourselves, Others & Our Environment

At Boundary we approach student behaviour expectations instructionally. Our team believes that school procedures and expectations must be taught and practiced. By learning our procedures students discover how things are done; they are rewarded for following procedures and reminded when they do not. All students, school staff and parents benefit from a shared understanding of our routines at Boundary. This handbook outlines our current procedures and expectations for students. It is an active document that reflects the dynamics of change at our school. Input for change occurs as needed and the necessary instruction for students will follow. Student safety and support of our school’s Code of Conduct - Caring for Ourselves, Others & Our Environment - are important to the procedures contained in this handbook. Recommendations for changes are welcomed from all stakeholders, but must support our existing Code and be aligned with the expectations for student behaviour held by the North Vancouver School District.


What do I do if I am not able to come to school because I am sick or I have an appointment?

Use callback! Ask your parents or guardians to telephone the school at 604-903-3264. Let us know why you are away and when we can expect you to return. If no telephone call is received and a student is absent from school, we get worried! Our school office staff will call your parents or guardians to make sure that you are safe.​ 

What do I do when I arrive at school in the morning?

Play outside! Dress for the weather and enjoy our wonderful North Shore. Play outside with your friends on the play structure, enjoy our field, or the undercover area. At 8:50am, you may enter the building through your designated door and walk to your classroom. When walking through our hallways, please remember to talk and move quietly, keeping the doors, office and classroom windows clear.

How are we supposed to move in the hallways and the stairways at Boundary?

We teach students to view the hallways and the stairways as a roadway, and encourage them to apply their ‘Roadway Safety. While travelling in the hallways students should:

      • walk on the right-hand side of the stairway or hallway;
      • maintain a safe walking speed
      • walk in single file if walking as a class, or walk in pairs;
      • use an inside voice and walk quietly in the halls; and
      • be courteous to others as they travel within our school.

​​What do I do if I’m not feeling well or hurt myself?

All of the adults at Boundary are here to help kids you can go to anyone of us for assistance. Specifically:

      • ​​​Students are encouraged to speak to their teacher for help;
      • Speak to a Supervision Aide during recess or lunch; or, 
      • Go tot the office.

Our school office staff receives children who may be feeling ill or are hurt at any time throughout the day. The decision to call home or provide minor first aid is made on a case-by- case basis.

Are there special rules for students using the washrooms?

Students are encouraged to use the washrooms during the natural break times at recess (10:30-10:50am) and lunch (12-12:48pm). Our staff believes that it is every student’s responsibility to use the washrooms respectfully and safely by:

      • washing their hands following every use;
      • keeping the washroom clean by using the rubbish containers, flushing the toilets after every use and being tidy;
      • not using the washrooms as a place for visiting with friends

During class times students are encouraged to follow their classrooms washroom procedures. While each class will have its own specific routines, students are asked to:

      • get permission for their teacher before leaving the room;
      • visit the washroom one at a time (often in pairs for our younger students);
      • walk quietly to and from the washroom;
      • return directly to their classroom and inform their teacher that they have returned.
​​​Where can I play during recess and lunch?

 Come to school ready to play outside, rain or shine! Wear clothing appropriate to the weather; you may want to leave a spare change of clothes, including a rain poncho and boots, in your classroom just in case. During recess and lunch students must play within the school grounds so that our supervision staff can help keep kids safe. Students may play:

      • in the ‘under cover’ area;
      • on the blacktop area on the west side of the school;
      •  in the woods and pathways to the west and north of  the soccer field, unless there has been an announcement
      • on the all-weather playing field and adventure playgrounds;
      • ​on the grassy area and picnic tables at the front of the school. We encourage all students to play safely when outside.


Are there areas at Boundary where students cannot play during recess and lunch?

Plan to play outside everyday:

      • Students are asked to respect the Kindergarten class during break times by not playing directly in their area of the playground. Please follow the instructions of our supervision aides in this regard.
      • Students are encouraged to play away from the doorways and the foyer at the front of the school.
      • The parking lots and roadway/sidewalk in front of the school are not play areas. To ensure student safety, children are not to be in these areas at any time during the day or afterschool.
      • ​Except when under staff supervision, the pathway on the east side of the building is out of bounds, as is the sidewalk in front of the classrooms by the parking lot.
When and where do I eat my lunch at school?

S​tudents are dismissed at noon for “Play First” lunch.

      • Students will go outside to play from 12-12:35pm.
      • When the bell sounds at 12:35pm, students return to their classrooms and eat their lunches. Our afternoon classes begin at 12:51pm.
      • Students who go home for lunch must have parent permission. They need to sign out and back in at the office to ensure their safety. Students who regularly eat lunch at home are asked to complete and submit a form for this purpose available at the office.

What are the expectations when I eat my lunch?

Students must wash their hands before eating. Please do not share food or drinks with others:

      • Stay in your classroom
      • Sit quietly at your own seat.
      • Clean up your wrappings and leftovers, and wipe up any spills. Be sure to check the floor around your desk for garbage.


Have a wonderful school year!​​​