École Boundary Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Information

Ultimate Clinic.pdf

​​​Check out the videos​ on how to play Ultimate! 

Notice to students:

 Since most students have never played, or even seen ultimate, it is necessary to learn a bit about the sport before starting. Those students interested in joining

the ultimate team will need to watch the following 4 YouTube​ videos and answer the corresponding questions. (Please write your answers on a separate sheet of

paper - and don’t forget to put your name on it!)

Ultimate Questions (for Part 1):

1. What is meant by “The Spirit of the Game?

2. How many people are on the field at a time?

3. What are the dimensions of the field? Draw and label an ultimate field.

4. Points start with both teams on their ______________________________.

The team starting on __________________________ throws the disc down

field. This is called ___________________________.

5. Players with the disc can or cannot run with it.

6. What happens when a pass isn’t completed?

7. How do you score a point?

8. What are the two main throws in ultimate?

9. How is throwing a disc different from throwing a ball?

10. What are the five steps to throwing a backhand?

11. What are the four steps to throwing a forehand?

Ultimate Questions (for Part 2):

1 When do you use a ‘hammer?’

2 _______________ and ________________ are essential offensive skills.

3 What is a ‘pivot foot?’

4 What is a ‘travel?’

5 Two things can happen when a ‘travel’ is called. What are they?

6 What are the three ways of catching the disc and when do you use them?

7 What catch do you use when you lay-out?

8 How do you land when you lay-out?

9 When throwing, how can you change the course (direction) of the disc?

10 What is a really long throw called?

11 Why should these throws only be used when the receiver is wide open? (two reasons)

Ultimate Questions (for Part 3):

1 Is Ultimate a contact or non-contact sport. This means that ...

2 What is a foul?

3 Fouls are on the player that ____________________ contact.

4 If a player calls a foul, the player who did the fouling can agree or contest the call.

5 What happens when the player who caused the foul agrees with the call?

6 What happens when the player who caused the foul disagrees (contests) the call?

7 What is cutting?

8 What is a ‘pick?’

9 What are the two things that may happen when “pick” is called?

10 What is a ‘stack’ and what is it used for?

Ultimate Questions (for Part 4):

1 What is the marker’s job?

2 How long is the thrower allowed to have the disc?

3 How is this time determined?

4 What happens if the thrower still has the disc at the end of the allotted time?

5 What if the thrower contests?

6 What is a ‘force?’

7 What is the role of the downfield defender?

8 How does the force help the downfield defender?

9 Who enforces the rules in ultimate?

When you have answered all the questions, hand them into Ms. Lipp. Only students who have watched the videos and answered the questions will be able to play with the team.​