Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District


Clubs and groups are happy to have students join at any time during the year.
Some have limited seasons, so it is recommended that students check with the
teacher supervisor to find out meeting dates and activity schedules. Teachers
volunteer their time for these extracurricular activities to enrich everyone's school

Chess Club                                                                                          Ms. McEwen-Teacher Sponsor    

Whether seasoned or newbie, this club offers students an opportunity to learn and play in a fun, supportive and/or competitive atmosphere.

DSLC-District Student Leadership                                             Ms. Oliver and Mr. Ward-Contacts

This district-wide leadership council has participants from Windsor to help plan and coordinate great workshops and events for the multi-school leadership group.  This group meets monthly at various schools around the district under the leadership of Mr. Hockley, administrator at Argyle school.  The person(s) who represent this council will also sit on the Windsor Student Council Executive and report to them as well as report out to the district council.

Grad Council                                                                                      Ms.Wood and Ms. Ballou-Teacher Sponsor           

A committee of Grade 12's elected in the spring to co-ordinate the following year's grad activities.

Model UN                                                                                             Ms. Layton-  Teacher Sponsor

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. We are looking for enthusiastic students looking for a challenge in providing solutions to world issues.

Boys/Girls Club                                                                Mr. Carter -Sponsor

This club is for boys or girls who are at risk or just need a place to feel welcome. Usually students come from all different school in NV, and we do a bit of a check-in at the beginning.  We always start all of our meetings with something to eat. No matter whether our meetings are in East Van, West Van, or North Van.  They have many guest speakers and  do volunteer activities such as cooking classes, etc.

Yearbook Club                                                                                   Ms. Lazarova- Teacher Sponsor

Interested in Journalism, Photography and Graphic Design? If so, the yearbook club is a place where you can exercise all three skills! Students work together to build a unique design and theme for each year's book to document and record all of the amazing people, events, clubs, sports, and academics this school has to offer. Join Yearbook to build, collect and remember your best times at Windsor!

Creative Writing Club                                                                     Mr. Myers-Teacher Sponsor

A group of students that get together on a bi-weekly basis to critique their work and hone their skills on various writing projects.

Gender Sexuality Alliance                                                            Ms. Wexler-Teacher Sponsor

The GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) is a club where students can come together to promote awareness, acceptance and equality of the LGBTQ+ community.

Sewing for a Cause                                                                          Ms. Lazarova - Teacher Sponsor

Sewing for a Cause is an amazing opportunity to give back to the community. Throughout the year we will be working on several projects for both local and global organizations. We will also be sewing/crafting fun projects. We have weekly get-togethers.  You don't need to have sewing experience to join the club and help make a change in the community.