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The objective of extra-curricular athletics at Windsor is to foster a healthy appreciation of competitive individual and team sports.  Specifically, our program aims for the pursuit of excellence in the areas of commitment, competition, skill development, cooperation, sportsmanship, leadership, participation and enjoyment by Windsor students.  
The focus for teams at the Bantam and Juvenile levels (Grades 8 & 9) is to maximize participation, improve individual fundamental skills, develop team skills, and provide student-athletes with a positive experience in athletics while still remaining as competitive as possible.  Participation and the amount of playing time are both at the discretion of the coach who will consider practice attendance, commitment, work ethic, and other factors.  At the Junior and Senior levels the individual and team focus becomes more competitive.  Emphasis is on team concept development, execution, and being as competitive as possible.  While an effort will be made to maximize participation over the course of the entire season, junior and senior level coaches will play the players that can best help the team in the critical games and moments.  These players, as judged by the coach, are dedicated and committed to the team, work consistently hard in games and practices, and have high level athleticism and skill.
Athletics can form the foundation for classroom studies.  Many students are able to transfer the qualities learned in athletics to the classroom.  Others use athletics as an outlet that allows them more control in the classroom and a reason to continue to work hard academically.  For a number of students, athletics offers a lifeline that keeps them in school.  Whatever their approach, our athletes are STUDENTS first and must consistently attend classes and maintain a reasonable educational and academic standing to be eligible for extra-curricular athletics.

Athletic Director:    Mr. A.Lewis
Twitter account: @DukesAthletics
Sports Seasons:
Senior Football
Junior Football
Senior Boys Soccer
Junior Boys Soccer
Senior Girls Field Hockey
Junior Girls Field Hockey
Senior Girls Volleyball
Junior Girls Volleyball
Juvenile Girls Volleyball
Bantam Girls Volleyball
Cross Country
Bantam Rugby
Juvenile Rugby
8-12 Boys/Girls Basketball
8-12 Boys/Girls Gymnastics
8-12 Boys/Girls Wrestling
8-12 Alpine
Junior and Senior Boys Rugby
Girls Rugby
8-12 Boys/Girls Mountain Bike
8-12 Boys/Girls Badminton
8-12 Boys/Girls Golf
Junior and Senior Ultimate
Track and Field
Ice Hockey
8-9 Boys Volleyball