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Our highly specialized academies enhance the curriculum for students by providing learning environments that concentrate on a focal skill set. Students work towards graduation while accelerating their knowledge and development in an area of interest that can form a foundation for future lifestyles and careers. 

Artists for Kids Studio Art Academy

Located at Carson Graham Secondary, Grades 10-12
Develops students as artists and prepares them for post-secondary studies through studio, classroom, and off-site teaching, multi-media portfolio development, and opportunities to learn from visiting artists.

Basketball Academy

Located at ​Handsworth Secondary​, Mountainside Secondary and Seycove Secondary​, Grades 8-12
In partnership with Basketball BC, the academy, offers exceptional coaches who develop student skills both on and off the court. Students improve their basketball skills, enhance overall fitness, and become leaders and strong team members.

Dance Academy

Located at Windsor Secondary, Grades 8-12
In partnership with Seymour Dance, the academy offers students the ability to pursue their commitment to dance while remaining connected to their local high school and fulfilling academic requirements towards graduation.

Digital Media Academy

Located at Argyle Secondary, Grades 11-12
An enriched, two-year Grade 11 and 12 program providing access to a broad and useful range of skills and knowledge in digital arts, project management, and problem-solving.

Field Hockey Academy

Located at Sutherland Secondary, Grades 8-12
In partnership with Field Hockey BC, the academy provides students the opportunity to hone their field hockey skills, enhance overall fitness and learn valuable leadership skills.

Hockey Skills Academy

Located at Windsor Secondary, Grades 8-12
In partnership with N/C Hockey Group, the academy offers an opportunity for students to improve their hockey skills and knowledge through additional training, both on and off the ice, while balancing their secondary studies.
Located at Sutherland Secondary,  Grade 10 
With the support of Outward Bound Canada, the academy gets students out of the classroom and into nature by providing hands-on experiences that offer interdisciplinary learning in science, math, humanities, language, and physical and health education. Students learn curricular components in ways that are connected to real-life outdoor experiences, while also focusing on sustainability and personal leadership development.

Soccer Academy

Located at Windsor Secondary, Grades 8-12
In partnership with the North Shore Girls' Soccer Club, the academy is an opportunity for students to improve their soccer skills and earn PE credit while balancing their secondary studies.  The program includes weight training, cross-sport training, and fitness testing, as well as other Physical Education activities.  

Volleyball Academy

Located at Sutherland Secondary School and Mountainside Secondary School​, Grades​ 8-12
In partnership with Volleyball Canada, this unique program hones volleyball skills at both the elite and recreational levels.



For more information about North Vancouver School District Academies, please contact:
Deborah Wanner
District Principal