North Vancouver School District
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Five-Year Capital Plan
The North Vancouver School District's 2015/2016 Capital Plan Summary was presented as a Draft at the October 13, 2015 Board Standing Committee Meeting and in its final form at the October 20, 2015 Public Board Meeting.   It was then submitted in its final form to the Ministry of Education with supporting documentation.  
In compliance with the Ministry of Education's Resource Management instructions, the North Vancouver School District's Five-Year Capital Plan Summary spans the 2017/18 school year in "Year 3" to 2019/20 in "Year 5."  Capital requests are placed in the later three years of the Five-Year Plan as indicators of 'cash flow' requirements. 
The "key-drivers" of the Five-Year Capital Plan are:
  • Addressing high-risk safety deficiencies
  • Ensuring existing school assets are maintained at, or better, than the provincial average of 0.43
  • Ensuring the school is a critical part of the district's infrastructure for the investment return period
  • Ensuring school districts are managing the schools within their districts to optimal utilization
  • Supporting areas of rapid growth linked to major economic development.   
Taking into account the School District's Facilities Plan, as well as an emphasis on facilities' condition and seismic ratings, the 2015/2016 Capital Plan Summary identifies the School District's highest priorities for major capital projects, including:
  1. The replacement of Seymour Heights Elementary School, enabling the consolidation of Blueridge Elementary School into the larger Seymour Heights Elementary School
  2. The replacement of Queensbury Elementary School with a larger capacity, enabling the accommodation of increasing student enrolment in this area of the School District
  3. The replacement of Larson Elementary School, enabling the accommodation of the student population in the permanent building and the elimination of portable classrooms.