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Input Opportunity: Budget Priorities

February 9, 2017

2017/18 Budget Priorities

The Board of Education's 2017/18 Budget Bylaw must be adopted on, or before, June 30th of the current fiscal year [School Act, Adoption of Budget, Section 113].  To facilitate this timeline, information was presented on issues and opportunities at the Board's Standing Committee Public Meeting on February 7, 2017.  The Budget Highlights Presentation included a review of the historical budget priorities, current funding and operating grants, and the timelines for developing the 2017/18 Budget Bylaw.  

The Board of Education wants your comment on the 2017/18 Budget Priorities.  Framed within the context of enhancing education for all students and building capacity of staff to deliver high quality education, the Board wants your feedback in setting next year's Budget Priorities

Public comment on the 2017/18 Budget Priorities will be received by e-mail up to, and including Monday, April 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.  The mailbox address is:

Personally identifiable information (name, e-mail address, etc.) from your e-mail comment will not be included; only the text of your comment will be collated.


March 28, 2015

The 2015/16 Budget Priorities mailbox is now closed to further comment.  The Board of Education extends its thanks to parents, staff, and community members who responded with their suggestions and feedback.  

More detailed information about the 2015/16 Budget input process is available in the agendas, presentations, minutes, and summaries of the Board's 2014/15 Public Board Meetings and Public Standing Committee Meetings.



April 1, 2014

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Board of Education's 2014/15 Budget Input Survey.  The Survey is now closed.

The next meeting of the Board of Education's Finance and Facilities Standing Committee is scheduled on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.  The agenda will be posted in advance of the meeting date.  For the Board's schedule of public meetings, agendas, and minutes, please link here.

March 11, 2014
Preparations for the 2014/15 Budget are now underway.  The Board of Education is required to submit a balanced budget to the Ministry of Education no later than June 30, 2014.  The Board typically approves the budget at its Public Board Meeting in May of each year.
The Board welcomes input from the community on its budget priorities for the coming school year.  In recent years, budget priorities have focused on addressing supports for students with special needs, class size and composition, and leadership and instructional support.
No additional funding is anticipated for the 2014/15 fiscal year from the Ministry of Education.  To address increased costs and ensure a balanced budget, the North Vancouver School District will continue its efforts to identify and capture efficiencies and cost savings (e.g., Summer School review; shared services; energy efficiencies, etc.).  We will also continue efforts to increase revenues where possible (e.g., school leases and rentals).  These efforts will provide for the reallocation, or allocation, of resources to priority areas, such as the growth required to meet the complex needs of students with special needs and technology-related costs. 
To inform your input, please review the attached presentation on historical budget priorities, budget categories, and the priority structure for the 2014/15 year.  If you would like to provide input on the priorities for this budget, please complete the Budget Input Survey no later than March 31, 2014.

  Budget Priorities
Presentation at the Public Finance and Facilities Standing Committee Meeting
March 11, 2014

 The Budget 2014/15 Input Survey is now closed to further responses