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Apr 21
Sustainability Cup Update
By Sarah Smith, Energy Management Consultant, North Vancouver School District

We’re amazed to hear about all the excellent sustainability activities that are happening across the School District.  Here’s a couple to get you inspired:


Recycling for a Cause

Dorothy Lynas’ Green Team collects recyclables from all classes on a bi-weekly basis and donates the funds to various causes, such as support for those affected by the Fort McMurry fire.


Review your Energy Report + Find Savings

In reviewing their monthly energy performance reports, Cove Cliff noticed that their electricity bill was significantly higher in November than last year.  They flagged the issues and we investigated.  What surprise to find a ventilation unit had been set to run continuously, instead of shutting down at the end of the school day. What a great energy saving catch!


100% Lights Out Lunch in Classrooms

Westview has been hosting Lights Out Lunches every Friday since January.  They’ve been so successful in getting the message out that 100% of classrooms have participated in the initiative.  Their next step is to find champions to take on turning off the lights in non-classroom areas.

Many school are also getting the school garden going, encouraging students to walk or bike to school and making plans to celebrate Earth day – all great final activities for the last month of the Sustainability Cup Challenge!



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