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Apr 20
A visit from the Philippines

By Lisa Upton, Principal, Carisbrooke Elementary

On Tuesday, April 4th Carisbrooke Division 1 students and their teacher Ms. Rickard hosted grade 7 students from Ateneo Grade School from the Philippines. This group of 21 boys and their teachers spent the morning comparing notes on elementary student life. Students chatted through informal interviews, conducted individualized school tours, and shared song and dance with the support of Ms. Inglis, our music teacher.


Ateneo students wisely told us that it is important to travel and learn about different cultures because then we can all work together as adults in the future.

Carisbrooke and Ateneo students found that they have much in common, including Dabbing, playing Kendama and loving the Rubix Cube!


Carisbrooke student Katayoun ‘dabs’ with Rafa from Ateneo Grade School. Who knew that dabbing was an international form of communication? 


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