École Sherwood Park Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Lunchtime Agreements

​At Sherwood Park Elementary, we believe that eating lunch should be a social event where kids sit with their classmates and break bread together as it is a great time to share about what is happening in each other's lives. We also are aware that students need structure and guidance of what is and is not appropriate during this time. 

We have 21 divisions with a possibility of 21 different agreements which makes it very difficult for our support staff, intermediate lunch monitors, and administration to manage classroom agreements effectively. Therefore, we created a committee, with student input, to discuss some basic fundamental agreements to help support a healthy lunch time environment while students eat their lunches to nourish their bodies.

The committee's goal is to have some consistency of lunch time agreements in order to:

(1) provide the students, with their input, a guide of what is and is not appropriate while eating their lunches from 12:05 PM to 12:25 PM;

(2) have clear and visible expectations of agreements for all supervision staff, intermediate lunch monitors, and administration staff and makes it easier for the supervision team to implement these agreements; and

(3) support a culture of ownership and voice while building the agreements with the kids, teachers, support staff, and administration.

Please note that while teachers and students have agreed to stay true to the lunch time agreements, separate classes have slightly adapted the agreements to suite their classes needs. Please speak to your child and/or classroom teacher about their own classroom lunch time agreements.

Primary Lunchtime Agreements.jpg Intermediate Lunchtime Agreements.jpg

Primary Lunchtime Agreements - PDF

Intermediate Lunchtime Agreements - PDF