École Sherwood Park Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Combined Grades

We know that many of you have heard speculation that there are many combined classes this year. This is true – 16 out of 20 classes are combined classes. The reason that there are so many combined classes is to best maintain class size and composition maximums while also not going below class size minimums.

Please understand that combined classes are common and can be just as rich of an educational experience as single grade classes. Research has demonstrated that combined classes can have a positive impact on student learning. Please see the attached document regarding combined classes.

Often, parents are concerned that children will repeat the curriculum. This may have been a real concern many years ago, but today's education is much different. Please take a few minutes to review a section in the document that explains this.

As always, communication is key. Please connect with your child's teacher if you have questions or concerns about your child's learning. Of course, we as the administration, are open to talking with parents, but your first point of contact should be with your child's teacher.​