Queen Mary Community Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Counsellor's Corner

Marnie Bates

photo.pngHello, my name is Marnie Bates. I am the school counsellor at Queen Mary Community Elementary school.

I am passionate about the Social/Emotional work I do at the school.

I feel honoured to be in the role of School Counsellor, in which I support students’ sense of belonging to the school, encourage children to embrace their strengths and learn how to set goals to overcome and grow in areas that do not come as easily to them. I do my best to be there for the students during times of frustrations and celebrate with them during time of success.

Queen Mary is a very special place, and I feel fortunate to be part of this community.

When I’m not at school, or with my district SEL Team, I enjoy running with friends in our beautiful North Shore mountains and spending time with family on Gambier Island. 

The best way to reach me is mbates@sd44.ca.

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