Lynnmour Xá7elcha Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Counsellor's Corner

​Lisa Jaakkola

Lisa Jaakola.jpgHello, my name is Lisa Jaakkola.
I am the school counsellor at Lynnmour Elementary School. I am passionate about creating teams of support for kids by collaborating with families, teachers, and other professionals. I believe in the contagious effect of kindness and a smile, in creating a sense of belonging for each and every student, and in the importance of fostering positive connections between all members of our school communities. When kids are happy and feel safe and connected, they do well. When not working, I can be found outdoors, enjoying our forests and ocean, often with family and friends.
Lynnmour Elementary: Tuesday and Thursday and /every other Friday 

Resources for families

How Can Parents Help their Children Manage Anxiety.pdf

Positive Self Talk and Affirmations.pdf

Teaching Resilience.pdf

IY Winter 2024 Flyer.pdf

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