Lynnmour Xá7elcha Elementary
North Vancouver School District
About Our School

Lynnmour/Xá7elcha Elementary School is a member of the Windsor Family of Schools, located in North Vancouver.  We offer an excellent educational experience for 230 students, Kindergarten to grade 7. We pride ourselves on providing a warm, safe, caring atmosphere for all our students coupled with high expectations for conduct and academic achievements.

We recognize the importance of family, friendships and community.  Communication is the key ingredient that binds the home and school together.

Lynnmour/Xá7elchaSchool is nestled between Lynn Creek and the foot of Second Narrows Memorial Bridge. It can also be easily accessed from the Mount Seymour Parkway exit on the Upper Levels Highway.

On May 31, 2016, Lynnmour/Xá7elcha was "gifted" the Squamish ancestral name of Xá7elcha meaning "Lynn Creek".

Lynnmour/Xá7elchaSchool shares our grounds and facilities with the Norvan Boy's & Girl's Club.  The Norvan Club has been serving this community since 1988. 

​​Norvan Boys & Girls Club​

Presented to Lynnmour/Xá7elcha Elementary School with our gratitude
for helping to make our Norvan Club a good place to be - March 26, 2010

The site is a self-contained portable that includes washrooms, a kitchen, an office, a games & crafts area and computers for kids to use.  Please see their web page or feel free to call @ 604-986-3449.