Lynnmour Xá7elcha Elementary
North Vancouver School District
About Us..........

Purposes of the PAC:

* To promote the education and welfare of students.

* To advise the school board, principal, and staff on any matter relating to the school, other than matters assigned to the school planning council.

* To contribute to a sense of community within the school and between the school, home, and neighborhood.

* To assist parents in obtaining information and communicating with the principal and staff about their child's progress or other concerns.

* To assist the principal and staff in ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained in the school and neighborhood.

* To organize and support activities for students and parents.

Why get involved?

PAC members offer a huge resource and support base for the school community while showing children the importance of participating in the larger community. According to the B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils, parental involvement in education results in greater success for students, better attitudes towards school and higher graduation rates.

*All parents and guardians of children in a school are automatically members of that school's PAC and entitled to attend and vote at general meetings.

"Even if you haven't been involved in the past, it's never too late to start"

JOIN US! Meetings are held once a month at 6:30pm and child care is available!