Cove Cliff Elementary
North Vancouver School District

1) Safe Arrival App: 

SafeArrival, which is part of the SchoolMessenger platform, is designed to enhance our existing absence-checking procedures by making it easier for you to report your child's absence (e.g. illness, vacation, appointment), reducing the time it takes school staff to verify student attendance, and making it more efficient for staff to respond to unreported student absences.  Full details and instructions can be found here:  ​​Sept 2023 Safe Arrival Attendance letter.pdf

2) Absence Line:  call - 604-903-3426

If your child is absent or late for any reason, please call the absence line and leave a voicemail message. For children whose whereabouts are unknown at 9:00 a.m., parent/s will be contacted by office staff. If there is no response at home, a call will be made to the parent's workplace to make certain the child is safe. Please keep telephone numbers current so we can reach you in such a situation.

​3) Extended Absences :

When family vacations are taken during the school term, students are expected to take the responsibility, particularly in the intermediate grades, to prepare for their absence by gathering unfinished work and completing those items while they are away. Upon their return to school, students must also determine what material they may have missed. Please note that teachers cannot be expected to prepare vacation assignments or re-teach previously delivered lessons.