Brooksbank Elementary
North Vancouver School District


Brooksbank School appreciates the many hours of volunteer time contributed by parents, grandparents and community members.  If you anticipate volunteering in the school or on field trips, please complete the Volunteer Code and Volunteer Application forms and return to the Brooksbank Drop Box outside the office.  When you arrive at school to volunteer, please be certain to sign in and receive a visitor's tag.

Volunteer Code.pdf
Volunteer application form.pdf

Volunteer Drivers

If you plan to assist with the driving on field trips, a Volunteer driver application form must be completed.  This must be accompanied by a transcript of your BC Driving Record, which may be obtained free by calling 604-661-2255 and faxed directly to Brooksbank School (604-903-3281), along with a copy of your BC Driver's license and current insurance.  We are happy to make copies for you at the office.