Brooksbank Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Code of Conduct
​​In accordance with School District #44 Policy #302, students at Brooksbank Elementary School are expected to meet the standards set out in the BC Human Rights Code that include the prohibited grounds of discrimination.  Students and adults at Brooksbank are expected to demonstrate:


In order to establish and maintain a safe and pleasant learning environment, every person at Brooksbank, whether they are a child or an adult, is expected to speak and act in a responsible manner, at all times, in accordance with the School’s Code of Conduct.

Students at Brooksbank are given the responsibility of knowing the rules, following the rules, and managing their own behaviour. Therefore, every effort is made by staff members to emphasize a problem solving approach.

It is the intention of the Code of Conduct to encourage and reinforce positive behaviour. It is expected that students follow the Brooksbank Code of Conduct and that all adults in our community work together to support learning and a positive school climate.

Please see the link for the version of the Code of Conduct.