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North Vancouver School District
Forms, Forms and more Forms


Student Medical Alert Forms

It is the parents responsibility to ensure that the school is informed about any student's life threatening condition. It is also the parents responsibility to ensure that the school has the correct documentation signed by their physician, and up to date medications.

If your child has one of the following life threatening conditions, please ensure that the appropriate documentation is signed by your family doctor.

Anaphylaxis (Extreme allergic Reaction) - VCH Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan.pdf

Severe Asthma - VCH Asthma Emergency Plan.pdf

Diabetes - VCH Diabetes Emergency Plan.pdf

                                                               Seizure Disorder - VCH Seizure Emergency Plan.pdf

                                                               Blood Clotting Disorder or Heart Condition - VCH Emergency Plan.pdf

These documents are to be completed each time there is a change in treatment or a new prescription is given to the school office.

Kindergarten Orientation Form

In June, parents of students who will attend kindergarten the next September, are requested to complete a Braemar Kindergarten Information Form to aid educational decisions teachers make for their child.

Volunteering Forms

Volunteer Forms - ​To be completed if you are volunteering at the school in any capacity. It is required each school year.

Volunteer Driving Forms​ - The  school district works closely with the Schools Protection Program to ensure the safety of our students within the school as well as when the students are away on field trips. Our requirements are updated from time to time.

What does that mean for you as a parent who has volunteered to drive on a field trip?

In short, it means that some small steps need to be completed by you before you drive students (other than your own child) on a field trip. Here is what you might expect if you volunteer to drive:


  • School personnel will need to check that your driver's license and car insurance are current.
  • Parent driver's will need to complete the Driver's package, which is also available from the school office.
  • Parent driver's will need to provide an ICBC driver's abstract . This document is good for three years from the date of issue.
  • Parent driver's will also need to provide their vehicle registration document and personal driver's license.

Your BC Driver's Abstract (ie driving record) lists your licensing transactions and offences over the last five year period. You can get a free copy of your BC Driver's Abstract from a driver licensing office. Here is how you get it:


  • Go to any driver licensing office. Bring your BC driver's license or piece of primary identification and second piece of either primary or secondary identification
  • Receive a copy of your driving record from licensing staff

  • Call 604-661-2255 and it will be mailed or faxed to you. You can also have it faxed directly to Braemar Elementary at 604-903-3271.

The abstract will be reviewed by the school administrator to determine a driver's suitability.

These steps, established a number of years ago and in the interest of student safety, are common to all schools in North Vancouver. Once complete, you are 'good to go' for this school year!

If you think you may be a volunteer driver this year, we encourage to you to follow the above steps well in advance of any outing that requires parent drivers. The steps are not complicated but acquiring a BC Driver's Abstract can require a few days of 'processing' time. For that reason it is best to plan ahead.