École Braemar Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Code of Conduct


All schools should be secure places for safe, purposeful learning.

​​Students, staff and parents of the Braemar School Community are expected to follow a Code of Conduct by speaking and acting with "care and respect" at all times. As such, our School Code of Conduct is:
                        Care and respect for myself
                        Care and respect for others
                        Care and respect for learning
                        Care and respect for our environment

The staff and Parent Advisory Council of Braemar School believe that socially responsible behaviour needs to be based upon a clear and consistent set of rules, expectations, and consequences, and it needs to be explicitly taught to students. At Braemar, desired behaviours are taught, modelled, role-played and discussed. Students learn to analyze and evaluate their own behaviours and to set goals for improvement.​


Please refer to the document Braemar Code of Conduct - Updated October 31, 2016.pdf for a detailed explanation of:
    • t​he Board of Trustees expectations for student conduct
    • examples of acceptable conduct
    • school rules and guidelines
    • expectations for student behaviour
    • consequences for socially unacceptable behaviour
    • the role of parents
    • how the Braemar Code of Conduct is monitored, reviewed and taught to children
    • Braemar anti bullying action plan.