École Braemar Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Parents As Important Teachers

​You are an important teacher to your child and a valuable partner to your child's teachers in school. What you do as a parent helps your child to be successful in school and in life.

A few suggestions to consider:

    • ​Always speak of the school and staff in positive, constructive terms. If you have a concern, share it with us. We can explain it or solve it together.
    • Send your child to school each morning with a cheerful parting and with a nutritious snack and lunch.
    • Show interest in your child's schoolwork.
    • Provide a special time for you and your youngster each day - a few minutes to talk and to enjoy each other's company.
    • You are a powerful model - your child should see you reading, writing, solving problems and enjoying these activities.
And remember, bedtime​ is important!   Children aged 5-12 require 10-12 hours a night.