École Braemar Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Home School Communication

​Communication between home and school is vital to the education and safety of your child. 

Teachers will initiate a parent/teacher conference whenever they have a concern or recommendation regarding your youngster's progress.  Teachers will also welcome a parent request for a conference at any time you have a concern or would like information.  Because school days often have changes to regular schedules (fieldtrips, etc.), it is requested that you phone or e​mail to set up an appointment.

A parent volunteer advocacy service is available to parents who need advice or assistance with resolving issues between home and school.  Phone 604.903.4656 for more information.

Methods by which parents can communicate with staff:

1. Call the school number (604.903.3270).  If school is in session, the office staff are happy to take a message for the staff member. If school is not in session, the office staff will try to locate the staff member for you.

2. Send a note in a child's planner.

3. Send an email to the staff member. See list of staff emails.

Methods by which staff can communicate with parents:

1. Telephone. Staff will use the phone numbers parents provide in Registration and Student Verification forms.

2. Send a note in a child's planner.

3. Send a personal email using the information parents provide in Registration and Student Verification forms.

4. Send an email or voice message to a wide range of parents via a program called School Connects. This is an automated, electronic method to send a particular message to many recipients in a personal, but timely and efficient manner.  Documents such as newsletters, forms, event information etc., as well as student safety information (such as RCMP bulletins and emergency release notificationare now communicated this way by both the school and the School District.