École Braemar Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Attendance and Call Back


In the interest of the child’s progress at school, it is important to maintain regular attendance and to avoid arriving late. However, when absence (e.g. illness, vacation or appointment) or late arrival is necessary, we ask you to note the following procedures:

Absences -  please use the SafeArrival app (see details here) or leave a message on the school's Callback phone at 604.903.3275 or follow the prompts on the main school line 604.903.3270 before 9:00 am if your child will be absent that day, or for part of the day.

Late Arrivals or Early Departures - children who arrive late for school must sign in at the office before proceeding to class. ​Children who leave school early must sign out at the office before departing.


Call Back Program

In order to provide an added measure of safety for our children, the office will follow a “call back” procedure. If your child does not arrive at school in the morning or afternoon and we do not have prior notification, we will proceed as follows:

    • attempt to contact parent(s) through home or business number, email and text
    • call emergency numbers that you have provided


​It is important that you assist us with this program by:
    • use the SafeArrival app or call the school if your child will be late or absent
    • let us know if your emergency contacts change