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ANNOUNCEMENTS – Friday March 16, 2018

Flex Feedback

We’ve just completed our 4th Flex session; with 2 more to go this year. The Flex committee is looking for your suggestions, ideas, concerns and needs. There is a google questionnaire with only 4 questions. We want your feedback! Click here for survey.

Intermediate Vocal Jazz

There is a rehearsal at LUNCH TODAY in the choir room for all students in Intermediate Vocal Jazz

No Academy Bus today

There is no academy bus today. Please make your own transportation arrangements.

Dresses Wanted

Check your closets! Fancy or special dresses are wanted for some special grade 7s in our community. Please bring your clean dresses to the school office. All sizes welcome.

Grade 12 Math Students

The Euclid Math Competition will take place on Wednesday, April 11.  You must register before you leave for Spring Break.  Please email Mrs. Chow, or visit her in room 203 to register.

Mountain Bike Team

If you want to know more about this year’s mountain bike team, please see Mr. Hansell in room 306. 

Japan Exchange

Any grade 10 students interested in the North Shore Lions Youth summer exchange to Japan, please see Ms. Arnold for more information.

Flexible Learning Spaces

The students involved in creating flexible learning spaces during flex time, the items have arrived and are in the main office. Arrange a time with the other members of your group to come to the office and gather your items to create your new space. Please come to the office first and speak with Ms. Jost, Ms. Knapp or Ms. Craven, to let them know when your group will be gathering the items and setting up the new space. 


Return your Winter Sports uniform before Spring Break or you will be charged $150.

Have a safe and fun Spring Break. We’ll see you back here Tuesday, April 3rd.

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