Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
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NAME                             EMAIL  
​Mr. M. James        ​Principal
​Ms. P. Craven   
​Vice Principal
​Mrs. J. Anderson    ​Administrative Assistant ​
Ms. J.​Records Clerk   
​Ms. M. Arnold       ​Gr. 8, 9, & Grade 12 (Gr.12 with last names A - K) ​ ​
​Ms. R. Willems      ​Gr.10, 11, & Grade 12(Gr.12 with last names L-Z)

​Mr. R. Earl           ​International
​Ms. N. Parmar                nparmar@sd44.caBlog


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Mr. C. Barnes

Mr. D. Braam


​BSP 11, SS

​Ms. S. Campbell   ​PE, Home Ec
​​Click hereMr. S. Clancy

Nathalie Scott-Desfosses       

​Photo, Dig. Media, Film TV, Yearbook

​Photo, Dig. Media, Film TV, Yearbook,
Work Experience
Mr. D. Crowe        ​Learning Centre, Resource Room ​
Click here​​Mr. R. Earl             ​PE & Geography 12 ​
Click here​Ms. E. Ezer            ​Math, MFMP, Pre Calculus ​


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Mr. G. Featherstone

Mr. D. Grant           

English, Humanities, Socials Studies

​Drama, Theatre, English, BB Academy, Athletic Director ​ ​

​Mr. J. Hansell                   jhansell@sd44.caScience & Esc ​
Click here​​​​Ms. K. Henderson ​English Lit. & Economics ​
​Click here​Ms. D. Herrera Dominguez​French 
Click here​​​​​Mr. B. Hughes       ​Library

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Ms. J. Kim

​Ms. C. Kish               


​Humanities, BC Culture, En, Civ ​

​Ms. S. Klausen        ​Biology & PLP
Ms. M.            Music Choir​
​Ms. S. Lempriere   ​Choices
Click here​​Mr. N. MacPhail     ​Math, MFMP, FN Support ​
Click here​​​Ms. L. Mclean                  lmclean@sd44.caHumanities & English
​Ms. L. Menzies                lmenzies@sd44.caArt &  Textiles​
Mr. G. Muter                   gmuter@sd44.caTech Ed & Economics​ ​
Click here​Ms. M.​English 
Click here​​​Mr. J. Osif             ​Math: Calc., Pre Calc., FMP, A&W
Ms. M. Pye      ​Science & Math


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Ms. M. Reid

​Ms. M. Ronsano    

Foods, Grad Trans

HCE 9, ​French, Planning

​Mr. G. Russell   

Nathalie Scott-Desfosses    

​Law, History, SS, FN Support, BB Academy, Athletic Director ​

Photo, Dig. Media, Film TV, Yearbook,
Work Experience

​Mr. P. Shtenko                pshtenko@sd44.caPE & English ​

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Mr. J. Spicer

​Mr. B. Walter          



​Science, Physics

Click here ​Dr. L. Welch          ​Science, Chemistry, Pre Calc, & Calc
​Ms. P. Willemse     ​PLP
​Ms. A. Yeo ​​​Social Justice &Health & Career ​
Click here​​​Mr. R. Yipryip@sd44.caPE, SS, BC Culture, Lang Strat​
Ms. H. Zerr                       ​​Inclusive Education