Lynn Valley Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Policies & Procedures


The library is open to all students, teachers, and parents before school, at lunch (12:05-12:15), and after school.  You are welcome to come in and read, browse through our awesome books, and/or sign books out.  


        How many books can you check out?
  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 may check out one book.
  • Grade 2 and 3 may check out 2 books.
  • Grade 4 - 7 may check out 3 or more books
  • Students in any grade may ask Mrs. Danieli for additional numbers of titles for research or special reports.
  • Each student is responsible for items which appear on his/her library record.
  • Parents can borrow books on their child's library card or they can be issued a "guest pass".
  • After Christmas break, students may be allowed to check out one more book if they have had a successful return record!
        How long can you have the books?
  • All students have a two-week loan period.
  • Books can be renewed once or twice.


Your library book(s) need to be returned the day your class comes to the library if you want to check out new books. 
  • You can exchange books before your library day if you are finished.
  • You may hold a book(s) if you have not returned your previous book(s).
  • In order to renew a book(s), they do not have to be brought back to the library.
  • If your book is overdue, you will receive a reminder slip with the book title and cost.  The money is to be brought in before you are allowed to take out additional books, unless a parent comes to talk to Mrs. Danieli. 
  • If your book is found before the end of the term, your fine will be returned.
  • If it is found after the term is over, your book can be donated to the library or you may keep the book.