École Dorothy Lynas Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Contact Info & Map
4000 Inlet Crescent
North Vancouver, BC 
V7G 2R2
Phone:  604-903-3430
Fax:  604-903-3431
Callback:  604-903-3435 (see more info below)
Principal:  Tristan Crowther   tcrowther@sd44.ca  tcrowther@sd44.ca    
Vice Principal:   Brigette Gerandol   bgerandol@sd44.ca  
Assistant Superintendent:   Pius Ryan  pryan@sd44.ca
Trustee Liaison:  Christie Sacré  csacre@sd44.ca​

 Director of Learning Services: Dr. Vince White vwhite@sd44.ca
The Callback System is a safety check that is in place for your children.  Office staff monitor children’s absences and late arrivals. It is important to use the Callback number 604.903.3435 and leave a recorded message for our system to be efficient and our information accurate. All students who arrive late report to the office to sign in before going to class. You will be contacted if your child does not arrive at school and we have not been notified of an absence.  It is essential that we have your current home and work telephone numbers as well as current emergency contacts on file.  Please notify us as soon as there are any changes to this information. It is important that students arrive at school in time to be in their desk and ready to begin their work at 8:48 am. Large numbers of late students slow down the important process of ensuring that all students are accounted for and may also disrupt the learning in the classroom.  The first bell rings at 8:43 am and the second bell rings at 8:48 am. Classroom doors will open between 8:43 am and 8:48 am with instructional time beginning at 8:48​ am. We really appreciate your help in seeing that your children arrive on time and ready to learn.