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Blueridge Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Frequently Asked Questions

School Hours for 2019/ 2020:


Entrance Bell 8:40/8:50Entrance Bell 8:40/50
First instructional Period 8:40/50-10:20First instructional Period 8:40/50-10:20
Recess 10 -10:20/10:20-10:40Recess 10-10:20/10:20-10:40
Second Instructional Period 10:20/10:40-12:00Second Instructional Period 10:20/10:40-12:00
Play 12:00-12:30, Eat 12:30-1:00Play 12:00-12:30, Eat 12:30-1:00
Bell 1:00Bell 1:00
Third Instructional Period 1:00-2:50/3:00Third Instructional Period 1:00-1:50/2:00

* Note Wednesday 1:50/2:00 Early Dismissal

Absentee Call Back Procedures:

If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please phone our call back line 604-903-3252 and leave a message. Alternatively you may e-mail us at


All visitors must report to the office upon arrival. A visitor will be required to:
  • Sign in at the office.
  • Wear a Visitor Badge identifying themselves as such.
  • When leaving the school, sign out at the office and return the badge to the office.