Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Principal's Message
Welcome to Sutherland, home of the Sabres!  Sutherland enrolls approximately 850 students in Grades 8 through 12.  Situated on Sutherland Avenue, we are one of  two public high schools in the City of North Vancouver.  Our school was constructed in 2008 to a LEED Silver standard.
As a comprehensive high school, Sutherland offers courses that lead students to graduation and post secondary aspirations.  We also offer a number of programs that are unique to our school, the District, and the North Shore:  Choices, Focus, Socials Explorer, Science Co-Op, Global Perspectives Program, Young Entrepreneurship Leadership Launchpad (YELL), Work Experience & Secondary School Apprenticeship, as a well as being home to a Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence and Field Hockey Academy.  Our goal as a school is to engage and inspire our students every day.
The Sutherland Mission Statement states:
Sutherland strives to develop students’ skills, intellect, and personal  growth in a supportive, respectful learning environment and to prepare students to become responsible citizens.
When connected to our motto “Consectatio Praestantiae” meaning striving for excellence, I believe you start to understand the culture of our school. Whether it be in Art, Math, Woodwork, English, or Physical and Health Education, we want all our students to do their best.  Our role as educators is to support our students as they find their interests and reach their potential.
One of the aspects of our school I am most proud of is that it is a place where students want to be.  The culture of Sutherland is that it is a caring, inclusive environment where students feel they belong.  Whether you are a parent, student, or community member Sutherland has a tradition of being welcoming.  The best comments I receive as Principal are the ones that remind me of what a great school we have and how fortunate we all are to work and learn here at Sutherland!
If you are a student at Sutherland, remember to get involved.  We have great Athletics, opportunities for you to enhance your leadership skills through the SLC, as well as active clubs like the DiverCity Club, Farm and Garden Club, Cancer Awareness, and the Environment Club.  It is up to you to take advantage of what your school has to offer.  In my opinion many of the memories you will have of high school will be the connections with peers and staff that you made outside of the classroom.