Upper Lynn Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Working in our library

Parents/guardians are invited to come to our library and help Ms Ieke organize our books. Any time you can come in and help, it will be appreciated. Ms Ieke has a chronic shoulder injury and finds it difficult to put our books back on our shelves. No need to contact Ms Ieke, just show up.

The books need to be reshelved on a regular basis and organized as well. Our library is divided into 3 sections - Easy, Fiction and Non-fiction. Our Non-fiction collection is organized using the Dewey Decimal system. 

Scholastic Book Fairs

Upper Lynn hosts two Scholastic Book Fairs a year - each occurring at the same time as report cards and parent/teacher interviews. Parents/guardians can volunteer to help with setting up the fair, marketing, selling and checking out. The book fairs happen at lunch and afterschool. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ms Ieke at igiese@sd44.ca.


If you or your child has some gently used books that they would like to donate to our library, we would welcome them! Some books cannot be processed into our library collection for a variety of reasons and if that happens, books will be given to classroom libraries or to other school libraries that may not have the same generous support from our community as we do.