Upper Lynn Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Learning Achievement Centre

Learning Assistance is available for students who need additional support with their learning. This assistance may be provided in-class or in the Learning Achievement Centre.

School Based Resource Team

Upper Lynn has a School Based Resource Team (SBRT) that meets monthly to plan and support students with learning challenges by; reviewing learning plans, providing support for students, and collaborating to develop strategies to support the classroom teachers. Members of the SBRT include:  learning support teachers, English Langauge Learning teacher, school counselor, classroom teachers, Principal and Vice-Principal.
Classroom teachers make referrals to the SBRT to support the learning needs of an individual student or groups of students.


Extended Resource Team

Upper Lynn also has and Extended School-Based Resource Team (ESBRT) that meets once a month to support students with very specific learning needs.  The team includes all the members of the SBRT mentioned above, as well as, a speech and language pathologist, vision specialist, hearing specialist, school psychologist, and area counselor.


Learning Plans

Students requiring short-term targeted assistance have adaptation checklists that support them both in the classroom and in the LAC.  Students requiring ongoing intensive assistance may require a specific learning plan written for them.  These plans outline long term goals and short-term objectives, as well as, strategies to support their learning. These goals, objectives, and strategies are carefully monitored and supported by members of the SBRT.  For students who have a diagnosed or identified learning need and whose learning challenges are more complex, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed collaboratively, with input from the ESBRT.