Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Technology Education


Supplementary fees will cover the cost of materials necessary for projects that will meet the learning outcomes of Technology Education courses.  Additional optional materials can be supplied by the student or purchased through the Technology Education Department.

WOODWORK 9, 10                                    

This course provides students with an introduction to working with wood, and to the safe use of machines and hand tools.  The students will develop a level of confidence and competence that will allow them to design, plan, and build a number of projects.  The supplementary fee provides the student with the necessary materials for the initial hardwood project.  Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate in all technology courses.

Supplementary Fee:  $30.00                        


CARPENTRY AND JOINERY 11                          

Carpentry and Joinery11 builds on the skills and attitudes learned in Woodwork 9 and 10.  The students will learn and apply the principles of drafting, joinery, and structural design in order to produce well-crafted projects of their choice.

Supplementary Fee:  $30.00                                 


CARPENTRY AND JOINERY 12                           

Students enrolling in Carpentry and Joinery 11 should be able to plan, design, and construct sophisticated projects.  Students are expected to be mature, use their time efficiently, and work well independently as well as part of a team.                                                                                        

Supplementary Fee: $30.00      



Learn how to create unique art metal and jewelry projects.  Gain the confidence and ability to generate and develop your own unique ideas.  Then, make projects using metal in a variety of different forms. This course provides students with an introduction into design, creating metal artifacts, and the safe use of hand tools, machines and equipment.  Possible projects may include metal sculptures, pendants, rings, belt buckles, earrings, key tags, plaques, bracelets, broaches, pins, wrought iron projects like candle holders, CD racks, plant hangers, etc.  Projects may also include use of other complimentary materials such as stone.

Supplementary Fee:  $35.00                                                                                


ART METAL 11                                                                                                                    

This course is similar to Art Metal 10.  Initial projects allow the students to further develop skills and learn processes that can be used for more advanced work.  Design is still the cornerstone for creating unique ideas and projects.                                                                                      

Supplementary Fee:  $35.00                           



This advanced course is intended for serious students who want to further develop their skill and knowledge levels in areas of advanced metalworking or jewelry work.  Course work involves students designing, planning and fabricating projects that are highly challenging in nature.  These projects will expand on previously learned skills or involve areas where new skills need to be developed.                                            

Initial Supplementary Fee:  $35.00        


ELECTRONICS 9, 10                                                                             

This course will provide opportunities for students to explore and learn about electronics.  Course content is appropriate to students considering careers in computers, electronics, robotics, electrical trades, engineering, and many other technical fields. Course work will include printed circuit board manufacture, circuit assembly, fabrication of enclosures, and circuit test procedures.  Students will also investigate circuits and their components, learn to interpret schematic diagrams, and use various testing devices to understand how they work.  Projects may include electronic games, audio listening devices, timing devices, strobe lights, alarms, and digital dice.                                                                                                                                                                                              Supplementary Fee: $30.00


ELECTRONICS 11                                                                                                    

This course provides students with the opportunity to do advanced investigation into electronic system, circuit, and component work.  Analogue and Digital electronics will be covered both in theory and practical terms. Course work will include circuit investigation, computer assisted circuit board design, circuit manufacture and assembly, and enclosure design and manufacture. Projects may include such things as power supplies, amplifiers, meters, speakers, simple robots, etc.   Electronics 10 or similar background highly recommended            

Supplementary Fee:  $30.00                                                                                                                                                           



ELECTRONICS 12                                                                                                  

This course provides students with the opportunity to do advanced project work and study.  Students will investigate, plan and develop projects such as sound systems, robots, computer systems, alarm systems, etc. Supplementary Fee: $30.00                                                                            


DRAFTING AND DESIGN 9, 10                                                                                                   

Introduces the student to the concept of graphics as a language, the techniques of both pictorial and technical drafting, and the overall design process.  Practice with manual drafting techniques will establish a foundation of skills; while the computer assisted drafting components of the course – via a Computer Assisted Drafting program - will reinforce concepts and broaden the students understanding of the discipline. A final design project will allow students to apply their knowledge and skills to a design challenge. This course enables students to develop, understand and interpret drawings used in a wide range of vocations and/or careers.

Supplementary Fee: $10.00


DRAFTING AND DESIGN 11                                                                         

This intermediate course is designed to further develop mastery of drafting skills with an increased emphasis on the design process, and a more comprehensive approach to the use of a Computer Assisted Drafting program. The more challenging concepts and practices of dimensioning, sectioning, pattern development, auxiliary views and architectural drafting will be covered. An architectural drafting challenge will require the student to develop a design portfolio.  Students pursuing an interest in engineering, architecture, commercial and/or fashion design, or trade and technology-related vocations should take this course.   Prerequisite: MTED-10 strongly recommended

Supplementary Fee: $15.00                    


DRAFTING AND DESIGN 12   (Architectural Drafting)                                                                      

This course is intended for students who enjoy designing and drawing structures intended for human activity or habitation, and are interested in architectural construction.  This is a project-based course that is set on reinforcing and linking the concepts of space and structural design with the application of software and the technology of drafting, in order to develop workable solutions to design problems.  A major design and drawing project utilizing a Computer Assisted Drafting program is required.  This course is highly recommended for students pursuing a career in architecture, design, drafting, or any of the building trades or technologies.

Supplementary Fee: $15.00